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     Power Supply (Variable)   Digital & Analog MultiMeter
     Power Supply (Variable)   Digital Clamp Meter
     Power Supply (Variable)   Analog Clamp Meter
     Power Supply (Variable)   LCR & Capacitance Meters
     Power Supply (Variable)   Lux, PH Meters
     Power Supply (Variable)   Sound Level Meters
     Power Supply (Variable)   Anemometer (Air Velocity)
     Power Supply (Variable)   Power Supply (Variable)
     Power Supply (Variable)   Tachometer (RPM)
     Power Supply (Variable)   Temperature Meters
     Power Supply (Variable)   Humidity Meters
     Power Supply (Variable)   Earth Testers
     Power Supply (Variable)   Meggers-Insulation Tester
     Power Supply (Variable)   Stroboscope
     Power Supply (Variable)   Oscilloscopes


Naugra Export with enormous and diverse experience, are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of scientific laboratory equipment with an aim to meet the overwhelming demand of the scientific community.

  Special Instruments :

      Engine Analyzer
      Process Calibrator
      Oil Testing Kit
      Temperature Controllers
      Temperature Indicators
      Digital Timers
      Digital Counters
      Time Totalizers
      Rpm Meters
      Anolog Volt/Amps Meters
      Frequency Counters
      Watt Meters
      Proximity Sensors
      Moisture Meter (wood)

The Above Listed Products Are
Avaliable Through Special Request
As Per Your Need.

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Naugra Export is manufacturer of electrical measuring instruments, analogue, digital, testing, measuring, instruments.

Products . . . . .
Digital & Analog MultiMeter Digital & Analog MultiMeter
Precision portable Multimeters, Handheld Multimeters, DMM's.

Digital & Analog MultiMeter
Digital & Analog Clamp Meter Digital & Analog Clamp Meter
Professional AC/DC Digital & Analog Clamp Meters.

Digital & Analog Clamp Meter
LCR & Capacitance Meters LCR & Capacitance Meters
Inductance Analyzers measurement systems.

LCR & Capacitance Meters
Lux, Sound Level & PH Meters Lux, Sound Level, PH Meters
Designed for simple operation and accurate readings.

Lux, Sound Level & PH Meters
Anemometer (Air Velocity) Anemometer (Air Velocity)
Display Air Flow, Air Velocity and Temperature.

Anemometer (Air Velocity)
Power Supply (Variable) Power Supply (Variable)
Laboratory Power Supply - Variable voltage.

Power Supply (Variable)
How it works ?
Insulation Testers, Clamp Meters.
True RMS Value ?, Grossery.

Safety Warnings - Read this before you use the products listed on this site.
More Products . . . . .
Tachometer (RPM) Tachometer (RPM)
Tachometer - Digital Handheld RPM Meter

Tachometer (RPM)
Humidity-Temperature Meters Humidity-Temperature Meters
Various types of temperature meters

Humidity-Temperature Meters
Earth Testers Earth Testers
Testers. Earth Resistence and resistivity Meters. Optional earth testing kits are available (spikes, hammer )

Earth Testers
Meggers Meggers ( Insulation Testers)
"Business & Industrial " Megger Insulation Tester

Stroboscope and Oscilloscopes Stroboscope & Oscilloscopes
Portable Stroboscope, AC Powered Stroboscope and Battery Powered Stroboscopes, High-end oscilloscopes

Stroboscope and Oscilloscopes
  Additional Products Tailor Made

Tailor Made Testing Instruments

Featured Products

Naugra M92 A - Largest Selling Multimeter

Our comprehensive range of Measuring Instruments, quality testing instruments, Multimeters..

Manufactures And Exporters

Manufactures And Exporters Of Measuring Instruments Like Digital Multimeters, Contact / Non Contact Tachometers, Vibration Meters, Digital Insulation Testers, Analog Multimeter, Clamp-On Tester, Clamp-On Meter, Digital Oscilloscopes, Multimeters, Data acquisition Instruments, Power meters, Power Analysers, Red Thermometers, Tempreature Controllers, Panel Meter, Micro Counter & Timer, Proximity Sensor, Photo Sensors, Multimeters, Transmitters & Thermocouple, Photo Colorimeter, PH Meter, Analogue/Digital Meter, Spectrometer, Polarimeter And Spectro Photo Meter, Frequency Meter, Sound Level Meter, Illuminance Meters, Luminance Meters, Micro Lux Meters, Par Sensors, Water Proof Sensors, Colour Meters, Colour Temperature Meters, Gloss / Shine Meters And Whiteness Meters, Electrical Tester, Counting Scales, Fiber Optic Meters, Humidity Meters, Moisture Meters, DC Regulated Power Supply, Function Generator, Digital LCR Meter, Anemometer (Air Velocity), Tachometer (RPM), Earth Testers, Stroboscope, Meggers-Insulation Tester.

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